E-Bike: Italy, Austria & Slovenia Itinerary

On E-Biking days cycling distances are between 55km and 85 km

10 – 26 June 2024 | 17 Active Days
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June 2024
Mon 10    Auckland – Doha

After checking in at Auckland Airport we board our Qatar Airways flight to Doha.
On arrival at Doha airport late tonight we transit through to our flight to Zagreb.

Tue 11    Doha – Zagreb    (B,D)

Early this morning we arrive in Zagreb, a wonderful city to explore.
We will be met and transferred to our hotel to check in and have breakfast.
(The hotel has been booked from the night before so you can have access to your room immediately).

The rest of the day is at leisure; however if you would like to take a gentle walk around with the Tour Leader, this is a nice way to adapt to European time and get that body clock adjusted.
This evening we have an early dinner at a nearby local restaurant.

Wed 12    Zagreb    (B)

Our morning sightseeing tour will concentrate on the historic Upper Town, including visiting the 13th century cathedral with its medieval frescoes.

Zagreb being a capital city is a large place with a rich and diverse history. It dates back to Roman times and was an important city in the Austrian-Hungarian empire. That said, today it’s a place of colour, cafes and lots of delicious food.

The rest of the day is at leisure; as always your Tour Leader will be on hand if you want some company exploring Zagreb further.

Thu 13    Zagreb – Klagenfurt    (B,D) 

This morning we travel by coach to Klagenfurt. So it’s breakfast in Croatia and dinner in Austria – just got to love the size of Europe.

Klagenfurt is close to the Slovenian border so you can expect to see some fusion between the two countries. There is a legend that says that a tower was built on the edge of the moor to watch out for the dragon. This dragon was caught by using a bull fitted with a chain and a hook. When the dragon tried to eat the bull it was hooked like a fish. A village was built on the site of the battleground and the town grew from that centre. The watch tower became a castle and the whole legend is remembered in a 9-ton Renaissance monument in the city centre. Shall we go hunt down a dragon?

We will have time to explore Klagenfurt before meeting our Cycle team and having dinner this evening.

Fri 14     Klagenfurt – Tarvisio    (B,D)

After a hearty breakfast we will be on our way cycling beyond Klagenfurt to Lake Wörthersee, the region’s largest and most famous lake. We follow its shores and ride first west, then south, towards Italy.

We are aiming for Tarvisio in the district of Friuli. This small, ancient town has a long and convoluted history, and boasts of still having four official languages: Italian, German, Slovenian and Friulian. Tarvisio sits on the ancient trade route over the Alps to Venice, part of the land route bringing silk from China to the West.

Sat 15    Tarvisio – San Daniele del Friuli    (B,L,D)

Today, we get to cycle one of the most beautiful stretches of the entire Alpe-Adria Cycle Route: the Val Canale. Val Canale was a former railroad line and has been converted to a cycle trail. As we know from our own rail-trails this means a great gradient and well designed curves. Our destination for the day is San Daniele del Friuli, world famous for its exceptionally good ham, produced under strict supervision. Sitting in the piazza, eating prosciutto-wrapped grissini, and enjoying an aperitif – that’s dolce vita!

Sun 16     San Daniele del Friuli – Grado    (B,D)

This rather long day takes us past the Friulian capital of Udine down to the sea, and to one of the most beautiful places on the entire Adriatic coast. As always we will have our support vehicle with us and there will be the option to shorten the riding day if you wish to. Grado is the terminal point of the Alpe-Adria bike path.

Historic Grado is located on a lagoon island along Italy’s northeast Adriatic coast and has many points of interest and beautiful beaches. It is frequently described as a northern relative to Venice. Like Venice it is was a Roman settlement and has a turbulent past – including being invaded by the Venetians and throwing the Patriarch out of his palace tower.

Mon 17    Grado    (B,D)

Nowadays Grado is a working fishing port with a lovely town centre. However, let’s not forget those beaches and today you can dip your toes in the Adriatic.

This morning we enjoy a walking tour of Grado with a local guide. As we explore the historic centre you can get a feel for what sights you might like to investigate further in your free time this afternoon.

Places we recommend are the Basilica di Sant’Enfemia and the Bascilca di Santa Maria delle Grazie (4th Century) or if you prefer a medieval feel to your exploring there are old fishermen’s houses clustered together; here are winding alleys, little squares and staircases decorated with plants. It’s easy to get lost but sometimes that brings the nicest surprises.

Tue 18    Grado – Goricia    (B,D)

Today is a short cycling day which will take us from Grado to Goricia and the Italian-Slovenian border. In the twin town of Goricia – Nova Gorica history becomes tangible, because until 2004 the Iron Curtain ran right through it. Since then the town has visibly revived; in 2025 it will be the European Capital of Culture.

Wed 19   Goricia – Postojna    (B,L,D)

This morning we ride through the Ternovan Forest and past a spectacular castle to Postojna. Postojna Cave is world famous for it’s stalactites, and enormous; so large in fact that we catch a small train from the cave entrance to the central caves inside. There is an opportunity to walk through sparkling caves and tunnels to cavernous areas.

Thu 20    Postojna – Ljubljana    (B,D)

Today we cycle through the Ljubljana Marsh to Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia. The charming old town is an irresistible mix of Austrian and Slovenian culture.

During WWII the town was fenced off by the Germans, which preserved much of the medieval and Art Deco architecture.

Fri 21        Ljubljana     (B)

Today is a rest day, which does not mean that we do nothing. There is much to see and explore in one of the smallest European capitals.

Come along with your Tour Leader and explore Ljubljana (city of love). The historic centre has a meandering river with multiple bridges, cafes and points of interest. The Slovenians love their food and there are many culinary delights to find. Ljubljanski Grad Castle is visible from almost everywhere; it´s located in the middle of the city and offers a magnificent view of Ljubljana. Napoleon was here and soon we can say the kiwis were also here.

Sat 22         Ljubljana – Bled    (B,D)

Today we cycle beside the Sava River to Bled. The “Pearl of Slovenia” is famous for the deep blue, tranquil lake with a romantic island at one end. It is said if you toll the bell three times you will find love. Needless to say we will hear that bell tolling frequently.

Above the picturesque town is a castle which is worth investigating, especially if you are interested in ancient printing procedures.

Sun 23         Bled    (B,D)

Today would be an excellent day to walk around the lake (6kms); this is traditionally done in a clock-wise direction. The walk is a stroll passing Tito’s lakeside bach, many swimming holes, the dock for Pletna (boats to the romantic island), the world class rowing course, the entrance to Bled castle and ends up back in Bled village.

At the end of the walk its always worthwhile enjoying a custard square. These delights were invented in Bled and have no comparison to the poor relation we know in New Zealand. The squares are so big we recommend you share them with a friend.

Today there will time to explore the castle and the village, take a boat to the romantic island or to go for a swim.

Mon 24        Bled – Zagreb – Doha    (B)

This morning we travel back to Zagreb airport to join our homeward flight.

On our way we will stop in Skofja Loka, a charming medieval village with a town square with painted houses.

Late this afternoon we fly on Qatar Airways to Doha. We arrive later tonight and transit through to our flight home.

Tue 25       Doha – New Zealand

In transit

Wed 26    Home…………………..

We arrive home with special memories of our active holiday in picturesque Italy, Austria & Slovenia.