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My Galapagos of the Southern Ocean Trip: Dec 2020

An amazing experience, sailing around 5 incredibly diverse, beautiful, rugged, pristine, wild islands.
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Macquarie Island

Macquarie Island, the only place in the world where royal penguins breed.
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Campbell Island

Campbell Island -come watch the Southern Royal Albatross dance.
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The Snares

The Snares, home to 2.7 millions pairs of nesting seabirds, including the endemic Snares crested penguins.
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Auckland Islands

Auckland Islands, once destroyed by livestock has been successfully reclaimed by nature.
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The Deep South

An interview with Mandy Page about Antarctica and some of her adventures.
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What to Wear on Your Bike

Getting prepared for your E-Bike adventures - here's a recommendation clothing list.
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Getting Fit on an E-Bike

Training schedules for those who want to enjoy their E-Bike more.
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Having Fun on Your E-Bike

Helen Tait offers some observations after 18 months of using and enjoying an E-Bike.
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The Nevo
The Charger
The Charger Mixte

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Silver Spirit - La Terrazza

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