Travelling with others can be an enriching and fun experience.

#1: Travelling Community

Some of us like to share the adventure of travel with friends and family. Others, soon find kindred souls in a group. Many of our clients have made life long friends and shared many a tour together.

#2: Safety & Security

Naturally, before our groups depart we register them on the New Zealand Safe Travel website. When a group is away our Tour Leader is there to provide safety tips and warnings. Plus, the rest of the group helps with ‘safety in numbers’.

#3: Shared Knowledge

Within any one group there are many skills and knowledge banks – a good group leader will provide an environment where everyone can benefit from learning from each other.

#4: Democracy In Action

Travel, being what it is – there are times when changes have to be made – in a group, these flexible adjustments can be the most memorable. Happy groups can make good decisions which everyone is pleased with.

#5: New Experiences

Some call it ‘Adventure’, some call it ‘Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone’; we like to call it ‘Trying Something New’. Our tours are designed to include soft adventure (daily activity) and surprises which add that spark to life.

#6: Comfort

Needless to say having the power of buying accommodation and sightseeing at group rates, means that you can end up with some wonderful hotels and visiting times which are beyond individual travellers. Our experienced tour leaders also have inside knowledge as to when to visit and what is value for money.

#7: Problems Solved

Having an experienced Tour Leader on hand (24/7) means that when a problem does arise there is someone to help. From no hot water to first aid we can help. We may not be able to retrieve that stolen item but we will know how to get you the insurance you are due. You may have a medical issue, then we will help get you the best care overseas – if you need to come home, our office, will help co-ordinate that as well.

#8: Hassle Free

There are some things New Zealanders don’t like; one is tipping and another is pushy people. Our aim is to take care of all those annoying things and leave lots of room for you to enjoy yourself and the company you are in.