Janet Shankland

About Janet

Janet’s love of travel has taken her places far and wide. Although Janet has visited an impressive number of countries and all 7 continents, every new trip brings a new adventure so Janet reckons she will never stop travelling.

Early travels ignited her wanderlust and with a rucksack and a cheeky smile at the age of 23 off she went to Europe on her big OE – only to return to her hometown of Auckland for good a couple of years ago, with John, her husband in tow.

A career forged in the travel industry combined nicely with that wanderlust and either through work, pleasure or both Janet has clocked up some miles, travelled by air, road, rail and ship to some of the most incredible places on the planet.

Feedback on Janet

“A warm and bubbly person Janet certainly knows her stuff about international travel.”

“Well organised and able to problem solve, we found Janet easy to relate to.”

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