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Mandy is one well-travelled person, having visited all 7 continents! Over the years her travels have taken her to the UK, Europe, Japan, the USA, Canada, Vanuatu, the Philippines, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Russia, China, Burma, Croatia, Slovenia, Vietnam, India, Laos, Cambodia, Argentina and Antarctica plus a few more.

Mandy has always had an adventurous spirit, especially for places more unusual. She particularly enjoys introducing others to these destinations and making it possible for people to realise a life’s dream.

Mandy attended Waikato University where she studied Management. For a number of years she worked in the IT industry and not-for-profit sector. Currently she works exclusively for Tours Direct travelling with groups and researching new destinations.

She is interested in the arts and has an unquenchable fascination with ancient history and cultures. You’ll benefit from Mandy’s extensive travel experience, and especially enjoy her infectious laughter.

Feedback on Mandy

“Fantastic, Mandy went out of her way every day to check up on everyone, was very inclusive and informative. An excellent leader, strong and direct.”

“Mandy an exceptional tour leader. A lovely caring personality. Always fun.”

“Mandy did a great job of meeting the needs of a disparate group. We enjoyed her roadside walks and ability to keep us amused with stories, jokes, crosswords, etc.”

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