This Subantarctic fave won’t so much steal your heart as it will effortlessly snatch it still beating, Indiana Jones-style, from your chest.

Campbell Island

If wading waist-deep through the gigantic alien flowers known as ‘megaherbs’ and described by botanist Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker as a “floral display second to none outside the tropics” doesn’t get you, the seriously scenic and wildlife-filled walks along towering cliffs to hang out with southern royal albatross will.

Pup in amongst the flowers

Pro tip: sea lions have right of way on walkways.

Albatrosses nesting

Bragging rights: An afternoon at the southern royal albatross colony gaping at nesting couples affectionately grooming, rowdy juveniles engaged in the raucous dating game known as ‘gamming’ and the landing-and-takeoff chaos