What to Wear on Your Bike

Well first off we want to look cool, right? – well actually no we want to be comfortable, so here is my list of what works for me:

Padded Bicycle Shorts. These are a must-have and make all the difference to your body at the end of a riding day. There are lots of brands so try a variety out. I like the ladies shorts with good padding and fitted legs. My husband prefers the lycra shorts under long legged shorts. Up to you what you wear under the padded shorts but you do need to reduce friction and chafing.

T-Shirt. If you can afford the shirt that draws the perspiration away from the skin then that’s great, if you can’t then a simple T is fine. Easy to wash and dry is always helpful. Bright colours are worthwhile so motorists, other cyclists and pedestrians can see you.

Light-weight jacket. This serves two purposes, the first to make you visible (high-vis) and the second to keep you warm and dry. My one has UV protection so it has a bonus third purpose.

Bike Gloves. Another must-have if you intend to do a few hours in the saddle. These padded gloves help your hands grip the handlebars and also reduce the strain on your hands.

Shoes. I just wear my walking shoes; lightweight sports shoes with cotton socks. 

Helmet.  A requirement by NZ law. Just make sure it fits you and is securely fastened.

Light-weight bag. This bag is for your phone, snacks, water and anything else essential (Medicine, inhaler).

Sun-screen. On your face, neck, hands and legs.