Getting Fit on an E-Bike

The amazing news is that you can get fit on an E-Bike and even use more calories than an ordinary bike because you are biking for longer.

When we are biking we are using our legs for power, arms for strength and core muscles for balance. If we are not straining we are more likely to get out and use the E-bike regularly, especially for routine tasks like a trip to the library. 

So what does a week of E-Bike training for fitness look like?

Beginner: The objectives are to get used to the bike and not to overdo it.

Day 1 20 mins low intensity*
Day 2 Rest
Day 3 20 mins interval training^
Day 4 Rest
Day 5 20 mins low intensity
Day 6 Rest
Day 7 30 interval training

As you get fitter add 5 mins per week to your biking days until you build up to being able to do 1 hour of interval training.

Getting Fitter: The objectives are to build your stamina and range of physical activity.

Day 1 30 mins low intensity*
Day 2 30 mins interval training^
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 30 mins low intensity
Day 5 Rest
Day 6 60 interval training
Day 7 60 high intensity+

As you get fitter and stamina builds, keep adding 5 mins to each biking day until you are managing to do 2 hours on the High Intensity day

Serious Contender: The objectives are to increase your time in the saddle and budget to buy a yellow shirt for Tour de France.

Day 1 40 mins low intensity*
Day 2 40 mins interval training*
Day 3 40 mins high intensity*
Day 4 60 mins interval training
Day 5 60 mins interval training
Day 6 90 mins interval training
Day 7 90 mins high intensity

If you want to and have the time add 5 mins to each day until you have reached a level where you feel comfortable and fit.

* Low Intensity is on a flat, even surface 

^ Interval training is 10 mins on the flat, 10 mins on a slope/faster, repeat

+ High Intensity is pushing yourself across varied terrain including hills.